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Goed Industrieel
Ontwerp Award 2023

The rabbit
is back!

With sustainable bamboo wooden handle,
innovative spout system and 3000 Watt power for super-fast cooking. Order this piece of jewelry for your kitchen or give it away as a unique gift.


The iconic Le Lapin design (1990) by Nikolai Carels, re-released as an electric kettle 


A jewel for
every kitchen

spout system


Fast, electric
water boiling


An ideal

The elegant design of the kettle, the durable bamboo wood handle.

Tough looking matte black exterior with a full stainless steel interior for 100% clean water. The iconic blue dot made of solid aluminum.

Le Lapin is a real jewel for every kitchen.

In the typical 'ear', from which Le Lapin owes its name, a limescale filter is

integrated. This prevents you from pouring out small lime particles and dirt and/or vermin from entering the kettle. To fill the kettle with water, turn the ear 180 degrees.  

With Le Lapin you no longer cook on gas but with electricity. With the powerful 3000-watt cooking element, you can boil water in no time. This way you save time, energy and the environment. You can fill the Le Lapin reservoir with a maximum of 1.7 liters of water. 

For that boyfriend or girlfriend with a new house and/or kitchen, For the kids who are moving to a room for the first time. The Le Lapin electric kettle is a functional and original gift that will be appreciated by many.

All features at a glance

  • 1.7 liter capacity

  • Premium textile cord | 70cm

  • Removable scale filter

  • 3000 watts of power

  • 360 degrees rotatable

  • Automatic shutdown

  • High-quality STRIX technology

  • Illuminated control button

  • 220 - 240 Volts

  • Bamboo wooden handle

  • Completely enclosed heating element

  • 2 year warranty

  • With water level indicator

  • Short cooking time (500ml) in 110 sec.

  • Unique, innovative spout system

Do you have any other questions about the Le Lapin kettle? Then visitthe FAQ pageor take 
contact us by phone or email. We're happy to help.


Goed Industrieel

Ontwerp Award



Le Lapin, the original design from 1990

iF DESIGN AWARD 2024_p_RGB02.png.png

Le Lapin, the story

''In 1990 my whistling kettle design Le Lapin won the Dutch Hema design competition. For 15 years, Le Lapin was successfully sold in all HEMA stores. However, with the rise of electric kettles, whistling kettles fell out of favor and Le Lapin eventually also disappeared from the store shelves. However, From that moment on I regularly received messages from old Le Lapin owners asking me when and where they could buy a new one? And why there was no electric variant for sale? In 2020, Le Lapin's 30th anniversary year, I therefore decided to fulfill this wish.  Based on the original design I deveIoped an electric Le Lapin kettle and produce it under the brand name Le Lapin Kitchenware.

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