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Le Lapin & sustainability

SAY GOODBY TO GAS Electric cooking is a piece of schoner than cooking on gas. Your Le Lapin kettle has an edge over a normal one on this pointe gas boiler.

NO PLASTIC BUT WOOD The Lapin handle is not made of plastic but of real bamboo wood. Plastic is made from petroleum, while bamboo is a renewable, clean raw material that grows very quickly and absorbs CO2 from the environment. And if the bamboo eventually ends up as waste , it will breaks down completely without causing damage to nature. 

BOILING YOUR WATER FASTER Le Lapin heats your water with a 3000 Watt heating element. As a result, your water is boiled faster and therefore uses relatively less energy. Always make sure that you only boil the amount of water you really need. for example, never fill the kettle completely full if you only make one cup of tea,

CO2 COMPENSATION Unfortunately, the production and transportation of any product costs energy. The cleaner the energy that has been used, the less CO2 emissions. Le Lapin BV will compensate for CO2 emissions that are released during the production and transport of the Le Lapin products by donating a fixed part of our turnover to Trees for All.    They will plant trees worldwide absorbing CO2. Trees for all is a CBF approved  charity organisation.

RECYCLING Take good care of your Le Lapin and you will enjoy it for years to come. The longer you use your product, the lower the environmental impact. But if the day does comes when you have to say goodbye to your La Lapin, you then will have to hand it over to your local recycling point. They will ensure that all materials to be recycled can be reused for perhaps another Le Lapin! Also, Le Lapin has been designed in such a way that disassembling all parts is easy to do for the recycling employees.

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