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The Rabbit is back!

Le Lapin, the sympathetic whistling kettle design with the so recognizable 'rabbit ear' as spout cap, won the Dutch HEMA design competition in 1991. It took another year before Nikolaï Carels' design was put into production. The whistling kettle with the wooden handle and the innovative rotating spout cap was then successfully sold for more than 15 years.

Due to the emergence of the electric kettle, the demand for gas kettles decreased. And therefore also the sale of Le Lapin. In 2005, HEMA decided to stop producing and selling the iconic kettle. In the period 1992 to 2005, more than 200,000 Le Lapin boilers were sold. The design received several design prizes, was mentioned in school books and exhibited in various museums.

Meanwhile, Nikolaï Carels regularly received questions from former Le Lapin users why they couldn't buy a new one anywhere and why there was no electric version for sale. In 2021, Le lapin's 30th anniversary year, Nikolaï decided to answer these questions and developed an electric version based on the original Le Lapin design. The designer approached a large kettle manufacturer and had his new design produced in a limited first edition. In mid-July 2023, Nikolai Carels will introduce the completely renewed design in the Netherlands

The characteristic Le Lapin design has of course been retained in the new design. For example, the spout cap of the kettle is designed as a rabbit's ear with the recognizable blue dot and the handle is made of real bamboo wood. The design is just as functional as its predecessor. The innovative spout cap functions both as a removable limescale filter and as a sealing cap, so that a separate filling lid is not necessary. This way the clean design of the design is preserved. The wooden handle is ergonomic, feels nice and conducts less heat than a plastic handle. Moreover, wood is of course a lot more environmentally friendly than plastic. The reservoir is made of stainless steel so that the water remains pure and is not contaminated by solvents, as is often the case with kettles with a plastic reservoir. The outside of the reservoir has a wear-resistant, tough matte black coating. The heating element (Strix technology) with a capacity of 3000 Watt ensures that your water boils faster.

The Le Lapin electric kettle will soon be for sale in the Netherlands. We expect the first edition to reach us in mid-July this year. But of course you can already order your Le Lapin now. This way you can be sure that you will not miss out if the limited edition is sold out quickly.


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